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Shaelyn Delgado

I stumbled into my first yoga studio 15 years ago. I literally mean 'stumbled’ because after many years of pushing my body to do things that didn’t support it, I could no longer walk or run comfortably. Yoga was a last resort...

Yoga changed everything. It gave me instant community. It inspired me to start traveling. And most importantly, it shifted my relationship with my body by addressing healing from the inside out.

I completed my 200 hour training in 2010 under the guidance of Jenn Chiarelli and John Salisbury and started teaching yoga in 2011. I didn’t initially plan to teach, but given how good yoga had been to me, it felt like it was my responsibility to share the practice.


The first few years of teaching I was  intimidated by anatomy. When students shared their injuries with me before class, I had no idea how to support them. This inspired me to start studying with Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine program. Yoga Medicine was where I had my first ‘ah ha’ anatomy moment. It made me understand anatomy conceptually (as opposed to simply memorizing bones & muscles) and it helped me realize knowledge can empower us to play a larger role in our health. For this reason, I absolutely love studying anatomy and sharing it through myofascia release workshops and teacher training programs  (and I highly recommend Yoga Medicine to those interested in learning more).

Since my first training in 2010, I've completed my 500 hour training with Anahata Soul (a Phoenix based school of yoga that focuses on meditation and emphasizes the subtle, energetic body) and have  also earned certifications on the Spine, Myofascia Release/Chinese Medicine, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga for Athletes and Women's Health with Yoga Medicine.  

My classes focus on cultivating a light and positive environment, rooted in an understanding of both anatomy and balancing the energetic body.  I offer 200 hour Teacher Training Programs at Yoga Pod in Tucson, and I also teach a 10-20 hour Anatomy Module that can be added to any existing YTT program.

To register for upcoming yoga trainings click below.

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